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This month's column in Home Design & Decor (check out here) features one of my favorite projects. The home of Mandalin Phillips and her adorable, music-loving husband Hunter.  This home, located near mine was not only so much fun to design, but a joy in the sense they were so trusting and agreeable !  Letting us "do our thing" and basically surprising them with all the bells and whistles made for a smooth, quick, crowd pleasing experience.  I had so much fun not only creating an overall, color cohesive look, but shopping for all the must needed accessories to finish the spaces. (I'll say it again.. do not cut the accessory budget !)

Take a look at the first space you hit when you walk in . . . . 

This space was, at first glance, used for your typical sofa/chair .. don't quite know what to do with, space.  Wanting a "bar and lounge" in a smaller space, I suggested using this room for that very purpose.  Redesigning the fireplace with new tile, adding a floating mantle that tied into the new bar and killer wall paper now creates a conversion spot, and sets the tone right when you enter the home.  I love this room !

Black and white was the current theme of their house, and Mandalin has great taste to begin with, I just helped her amp it up a big, big notch !

The bar area I love.  We custom made the cabinet and our contractor took off the old mantle and added tile to the ceiling in dramatic fashion.

The wall paper is busy in a good way, very graphic and cool for sure.  I incorporated a few new art pieces (this one by my hubs Keith.. one of may favorites).

But hellooooo.... found these Peter Keil originals at Slate  Interiors just down the street on install day.  I had to get them.. AMAZING... and how perfect !  My big thanks to Mandalin for saying OK!

Chandelier yummy.. big and dramatic.

Just off this space are two small rooms.. Hunter's music room and the guest room.  I continued to colors in the guest room with the to die for paper.  I adore it's fresh feel.  Anchored with two black metal side tables and tall lamps. It's perfect.

Hit up Windy O'Connor for the perfect accent pillows in a equally yummy velvet.

Not a lot of stuff.. it's all about the paper !

Across the hall.. Hunter's space.  He's a guitar playing music junkie and we just wanted it all to be about that.  A little more Kelly green and a few stand out pieces.  The oversized floor lamp, chair with great lines and textural shag rug.  Love Love Love.

So happy he's happy !

Heading to the back of the house one of my all time favorite powder rooms.  The paper is so so good and so so fun.  Powder rooms should be fun - why not !  To have it stand out that much more we painted all the tile dark charcoal.  Added a new mirror (love it's wonky shape) and killer light.  I really adore this little space.

photos by mekenzie loli

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