Spotlight: Alysia Cotter

Hey There.

Every once in a while you come across a photo you love, so much so you just want to blow it up to feel like you live inside it. I was a Mary Poppins fan as a kid and my favorite part of the movie was when Mary and Bert jumped in the chalk painting and were immediately transported to a beautiful place where life just seemed to stand still and all the colors came to life . . . a stress free dreamland.

I came across Alysia Cotter about a year ago - I love her work and have two small prints in my office.  Recently I was working on a project which called for a large watercolor graphic on the wall . .  I was delighted to find Alysia's images in larger than life wall art.  I am working on the re-design of a fun family room to incorporation the dreamlike feel - thought I would share just how cool her work is . . 

So meet Alysia Cotter, photographer.  Alysia hails from London and who's career, she says began at the age of 12 while on safari.  Her passion is to make the mundane interesting and capture the beauty in everyday events.  She creates a dreamlike feel in her work, a very time intensive technique and what inspired the now very popular instagram app.

A small selection of her prints are available for purchase on Etsy here. 

Gorgeous !

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