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One thing always leads to another . . . sometimes I think my head will explode at the directions I travel. After I saw Mekenzie's post on phones, I first laughed remembering our conversation which not only was about phones, but more on how things have changed - technology that is.  Betsy and I both remember the suitcase size phones we had in our cars - yeah, years ago.   We laughed about remembering our first computer, I was trying to recall the first time I even got on the "web."  I have said in the past I have a love / hate relationship with the internet, still do, but the one thing I do love about blogs and websites, is just how inspiring they can be.  I took Mekenzie's post yesterday and went in the direction of red.  I was inspired by the old, british phone booths.

I have always had a thing about these old phone booths, and was inspired to find a photo of one to add to a job I can currently working on.  My client wants to infuse a little red in her space.  I love red, but I love red as an accent.  A single red rug, a large red art piece, pair of red lamps, or a splashy red coffee table.   Small doses.  I kind of shutter at the idea of a room of painted red walls in a flat finish with a ton of heavy wood furniture and white shutters on the windows. Yikes.  It's the first thing I want to ditch.    If it's a crazy wall paper in a small space or shiny, lacquer red walls with a ton of art and built ins over top, then yes.   I am pretty picky about how I would use red.  

 I came across this great photo by Ginette Brosseau and it's perfect for the grouping I plan to do in this space.  A little touch of red on a high gloss sand color wall, with one red pillow across the room on the sofa.  That's it.  

photo by ginette brosseau

Think of red two ways - as an accent here and there . . . take a look at a few red ideas to filter in your space when using red as a pop.


Now think of red in a rich, gloss finish covering the walls.  This space, from House Beautiful, designed by New York based Philip Gorrivan (one my my all time favorites)  is the perfect example of how to do red walls.  Gorgeous.  It has all the elements that make it work.

. . . walls are high gloss
. . .  the contrast of a blue or teal
. . .  no heavy cherry or pine furniture
. . . eclectic mix of accessories and furniture
. . . a large grouping on the wall
. . .  keeping the red - just on the walls

design by Philip Gorrivan

That's red perfection . . . this is not !

So work with red thoughtfully (now I sound like Tim Gunn) and remember to
edit !!!

Happy Saturday.

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  1. These are great inspirations, Beth. Red is definitely an interesting color. It’s very bright, and a positive color that will surely add a different aura to a room. Also, I like the arrangement of the living room, the 4th to the last picture. Picture frames all over the wall, great pieces of pillows, and the wooden blinds that look good on that window. Everything is just perfect.

    Rene @ BeltWayBlinds.com