Install of the Day !

Hi There . . .

My client, Mary Frances Parker and her family recently moved to Charlotte from Nashville and I was both intrigued and excited about working with her.  She loves intense color... really intense.  She's not afraid, and when she requested a black dining room I knew this job would be a fun one.  We got together and created design boards for her first floor to include that black dining room, pure white family room and kitchen with major pops of saturated colors like hot pink, lavender and lime green.  I took a good look at her collected art and knew she wasn't kidding about loving color.

At the same time she was moving in she was a month away from her second baby... so we needed to hurry.  The nursery, like the other rooms, was a great eclectic mix of things which I love.  It has lasting power.  I have always liked doing a baby room where the crib goes out and the bed comes in, no big expense when it comes to the next phase.  We installed the other day and with only a few days until her due date, were were hustling. 

The nursery is amazing, this baby's older brother is through the jack and jill bath and is in need of a few fun things to get his game up to baby.  Take a look at the design board and finished product . . .

I love the F U N sign and all the mix of patterns .  The furniture is simple and sleek.

A fun and easy art project for over the crib.  Will seems happy !

The downstairs is well underway.  All the rooms are painted and we are now filtering in some of the goods.  The kitchen and family room are a bright white - a dramatic difference from the murky green/grey it was.  Painting ALL that trim was a bit of a battle, but three coats later, its a much brighter, and welcoming space.  Her pieces work beautifully with the new colors.  We added splashy curtains, rugs and a new kitchen table and chairs.  Take a look at my inspiration . . .

Yep, that's right, black walls, white - white trim.  She fell in love with these curtain panels and while I have used them in teenage girl's rooms before - look how fun they are in a living space.  Her art is perfect with these color.  We chose white vinyl "kid friendly" chairs mixed with a large round, distressed wood table.  The mix in of the wood keeps it from looking to young and too "slick." We are working on replacing all the lighting, but it's not bad for now!

I brought in a Liora Manne rug.  These are great.  Indoor / Out, they are easy clean and the patterns and colors are endless !  The thin pile is great for under high traffic kitchens with crumb dropping kids !

Nearby and open to the kitchen is this great eclectic family space.  A little reading, a little T.V. and a lot of game playing.  The bright white walls are the perfect backdrop for their eclectic art collection.

Great Jonathan Adler coffee table and a new shag rug.

The front office is a continuation of the great mix of art, textures and fabric . . .

And take a peek at the new black gloss dining room walls !  Really makes that art pop, does it not !

Stay tuned for that finished product.

F. U. N project !

Thanks Parkers !