Ralph's, The Disappearing Face of New York

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I saw Mekenzie's post and it reminded me of small towns, Main Streets to be exact.  I grew up in Connecticut in a small town called Wilton.  Quaint, picturesque, "dry," the ultimate small town U.S.A.  We had 4th of July parades, High School Homecoming was a big deal, and local, small businesses were all there was to offer.  But the one thing about Wilton - you could hop on Metro North and be in Manhattan in 40 minutes, so I wasn't totally in the sticks.  It was considered the "country" for New York commuters.  

Anyone that knows me knows I love New York.  There is something about just walking the streets, the smells, the sounds and all there is to offer.   I also love store fronts, diners, newsstands and butchers - old ones.  When I came across James T. and Karla L. Murray's book "The Disappearing Face of New York" I added it to my coffee table book collection.  The images I found reminded me of my days living in a big city and knowing my neighborhood regulars.  It saddens me so much to see some of these small businesses get taken over by the likes of big box and chain stores.  While a Barnes and Noble may have anything you could possibly want, isn't it much more fun to go an old, establish bookstore on a Saturday afternoon (You've Got Mail style).

I want you to see a few images I borrowed from James T. and Karla Murray's book "Ralph's, The Disappearing Face of New York."  I love the history.

all photos by James T. and Karla L. Murray

Want to add a little history, art and texture to an everyday chair . .  here's an idea.

Main Street U.S.A.  - Where did it go ?!

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