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Happy Sunday . . .

I am working on several new projects, all very different which I love.  This one in particular will include the entire first floor.  I want a look that combines unique and original pieces, a luxe vibe yet comfortable and kid friendly, I have a family of six to consider.  Having received a new book from Zoffany, I decided to tweak my original design to include two new papers that really caught my eye.  I love them.

A long time client, Holly Liakakos, is ready to dive into finishing her place with a little style ! The first room to tackle in my plan is the front lounge.  It will set the color scheme and tone for all the rooms to follow.  For reading, relaxing, and a lot of grown up doings, this room should be enveloping and luxe, we both decided.  I fell in love with this lapis like paper and decided I wanted to back two new custom built ins with it, while painting the entire space an equally rich navy tone - yes I know I love navy.  The dining room I recently did for a client was one of my favorites, so rich in color and feel, I wanted this lounge, while a different type of space all together, would have the same rich feel.  Another deciding factor on the navy was the use of two existing chairs in another room, and a dining room rug we both loved.  It was definitely the way to go. Take a look.

Front the front door, I want to carry the greys on the walls, as its such a big tall space, and it's a good neutral that works with everything.

We are mixing blues, a navy and a peacock, along with a touch of yellow with a grey backdrop.  Keith is working on a new series of paintings that might just look amazing with the space is finished!

I love this second paper for the powder room, with new wainscoting mid-way down in a metallic grey.  This new cabinet turned sink, brightens the space and adds interesting trim and color detail.  Just outside the bath and on the way to the master, a grey grass cloth which will be repeated in the dining room.

The stairs need a large scale pattern on the steps, they are so wide and prominent and this is a good one from Stark.  Mixing in a large scale wall paper as art and two gold sconces will add more pattern and color.  

All this ties back to the new rug in the dining room !
The dining room has a new wall to wall antique mirror application on one side.  I want to add a custom sideboard, covered in grey grass cloth and gold nail heads.  With dining for 8 to 10, these barrel chairs are in an ombre grey flannel, will make it hard to leave, they are so comfortable.    I am hoping she goes for this gorgeous art piece by Jacob Cooley I recently saw at Hidell Brooks Gallery.  Hung over the mirrored wall, it will add some depth and just the right amount of color.  
 Opposite the mirror wall, I propose adding the sideboard grass cloth to the walls and flanking the entry door with two thin, but tall, storage pieces.  Sleek and simple, but with great knobs.  All of this will be atop this amazing Ikat Stark Rug.

The family room has tall ceilings and, at the moment, a rock fireplace extending to the ceiling.  Holly has never been a big fan, and seeing the tile we just installed at the lake, I think I sold her to resurfacing it with a new more modern look, a horizontal stria pattern.  I am thinking one of these . . 

Modern, laid back, clean and simple for this family of 6.  Tough, comfortable leather sofas, with low backs, a single large coffee table, with a gorgeous rosewood top and graphic metal base.  I thank my client Mary Frances Parker and of course Jonathan Adler for reminding me of this table, it's perfect.

I'll jump on Holly's upstairs office shortly, along with the Master and two outside porches.  Should be nothing but fun working on this project !

Stay tuned.

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  1. I never cease to be amazed by your designs and your boards are a fabulous visual for both your clients and readers like me! Thanks for always sharing your creativity Beth!

    Cathy @ Room Rx