Good Day . . Sunshine . .

Hi There !

The Beatles arrived in the US fifty years ago last week and it was "a good day. . ." today the "sunshine" couldn't be shining any warmer.  It is gorgeous outside, I love Sunday.    I am counting the hours til Spring, especially since I jumped on my Flickr account this am only to be surprised, and mind you, jealous of the shots Mekenzie put on there of sunny Florida.  She ran away from home . . . with her pretty, Latin ... um, man for a few weeks to explore South Florida and The Keys.  The images are all of the vibrant foliage that I am sure is surrounding the two of them. 

On that note, I spun around in my chair at the office to admire my curtains, which I still love, Rose Cumming's Classic Banana leaf (check out here).  The banana leaf print is pretty timeless and classic.  It conjures up images of Palm beach in my thoughts.  So I went a surfing in my pinterest files and thought I share all my favorite tropical images and just what you can do with them . . .

Take a gander at what JUST came out in Christian LaCroix's collection with Designers Guild.  Yowza.  I could so fill a room, a sun porch, powder room, breakfast room . . . available in London, hitting the US in March I believe.  "Inspired by a sparkling coast line. . " he says.  Available in greens, black and white, navy and black combo and multi - love.

 Mixed in with Designers Guild I have a few from Cole & Son's, another fan favorite.

Shall we not forget the Original Martinique Banana Leaf wallpaper which was created by Don Loper in 1942 for the Beverly Hills Hotel (and Nicky's kitchen).  I have always loved it when paired with black windows and a black and white graphic floor, pretty fab, especially here in The Indocochine, on Lafayette Street in NYC.

My love of the leafy continues . . 
Nicky Hilton's breakfast room above and Steven Sclaroff for House Beautiful below.

Now . . . Martinique Banana Leaf (above) vs. the thrill of Brazillance, by Dorothy Draper made famous at the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia.  Look closely . . . refreshed in 2007 by her protege Carleton Varney.  Easy to get confused!  The two patterns look almost identical in pictures, but notice the subtle difference . . sea grapes and a more brilliant emerald green - with a more crisp white background.  Your favorite ?

A little hand painted watercolor print maybe, or how about this amazing tile floor.
Nate Berkus and Brian Atwood's Milan Home via ElleDecor  . . love . . 

Mixing the black / white and banana is pretty gorgeous, but how about teal - love that too.

Go Bananas . . .

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