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Shari needed to freshen up her family room and kitchen.  With the new look we created for the TV room (here), dining room (here), and guest room (here) - coordinating the heart of the house had to be done !  It's funny, each year we tackle a project just before the Wells Fargo Championship.  With their home backing up to the course, there are a lot of goings on around and end April is always my deadline.  We, or should I say Maggie, did the install the other day, I just showed up to see the pretty.  A traditional home, yet slowing becoming transitional with each room we complete.  This space is open to the kitchen and flows onto the back porch.  Used daily by this family of 4 and 2 big dogs.  The goal was to bring in fresher pieces with family friendly fabrics and tie the colors to the rest of the spaces we've completed.  

I drew my inspiration from two things, a beautiful green glass collection Shari had showcased in the space, and the adjoining TV room.  When I started my re-do's I focused on robins egg blues and creams but when it came to the TV room I added kelly green to  that palette.  This space focuses on the greens and creams.  So fresh greens were the direction that drove this design - bringing that golf grass in . . .Take a look at what I came up with.

And Sweet Al is here to show off the finished product ! 

all photos by mekenzie france

Happy Saturday !!!

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