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The last of my camp kids, Finn Dyer has a new room!  We added a last minute sofa and desk yesterday to what we installed last week and filtered in the art and accessories.  Ready for a larger bed and ready to lose the little boy, blue walls, we gave his space a look with an industrial vibe.

 Taking my inspiration from a framed poster he loved, we brought in pieces he can grow with, all with an industrial, hip, Beastie Boys vibe.

We changed a few things a little in the process, we took out the window seat/storage underneath idea, and added a sofa instead of the dresser.  With a large closet, we added a simple dresser in there.   During the design process, my client wanted to change to a loft bed,  I had to talk her out of it.  Her reason, overnights.

 Now I love a cool loft bed, but I do feel they lose their appeal over time.  They are a pain to make up and down the road you will probably want to get rid of it, so why waste the money.  In a way to address the sleep over issue, I suggested adding inexpensive day beds with trundles in the nearby playroom (pics to come).  Placing them in the shape of a sectional you get the look of a sofa, but the function of two beds.  With the added plus of two trundles underneath you gain 4 places to sleep for a fun boy overnight.  Problem solved and the original design stays in tack.  Adding the sofa in the room as oppose to the dresser, Finn's look is even more grown up and multi-functional and a friend can crash on that!

 In this design I actually started with the bed and worked off that as far as the look.  This platform bed had a lower profile and a cool feature, the storage underneath. It has a similar look to the platform bed I am proposing in my new beachy inspired boys room (here) yet with a lower headboard and that added storage.  Always on a mission to do something different for everyone.

Take a look at a few of the details in the space.

 The wood and wire shelf is big and on wheels.  Great industrial look.

Always love a metal letter mixed in with the art.  Keith's piece also works perfectly in the room !

Lots of storage, great art and a nice clean look.

Clean grey walls, blue stripes gone and all new sleek furniture !

A touch of plaid - a nod to punk !

We hung a few vintage albums in simple Ikea frames.

And my favorite piece in the room.  Killer lamp!

I think I have a happy kid !

Boys, they say the "don't care" but the really do !

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