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- Ali Nikrooz, Owner of Couture Knots 

Hi There,

Showed off a few of Couture Knots gorgeous floral rugs in a recent post (Stop and Smell the Boho Roses), but wanted to take a minute to let you see some of the other images Mekenzie captured that day. 

Representing Florence Broadhurst, Jan Kath,  Cadrys, Woven Accents and Tamarian, Ali gave us an up close look at several samples he has on hand (and you can almost feel the softness in these photos).  A gorgeous rug, in my opinion, is as important as the furniture.  Not only does it add texture, warmth and color, it defines a space.  Rugs add warmth, and visually pull it all together.

Take a look !

Custom rugs are of course available - look at the amazing color choices.

all photos by mekenzie france

Couture Knots, is the culmination of a journey into the rug world for someone that was not always involved in rugs.  Usually the typical story is that of a rug merchant, who’s father was a rug merchant, and his father was a rug merchant, and so on, and so forth.  My story, started with a Biology Major, and history minor, from UNC.  A career started in a Chemistry lab, which translated into Chemical Sales, and then a fateful trip to visit a relative in Europe for vacation.  This relative, a rug merchant,  had decided to do away with the old way of selling rugs, and was designing contemporary rugs, which were handmade in Nepal.  These designs were truly beautiful, and could be customized to any color, shape, and size.  It was there that I decided to quit my job, and see if I could start a business of marketing these beautiful designs in the United States.  Since I had very little knowledge of the rug world, I had a very steep learning curve, which started with exhibiting in trade shows for the rug industry.  I came to learn very quickly that there was a huge difference between quality of rugs and quality of rug showrooms.  Due to my rugs being of higher end, I attracted high end showrooms that were based in design centers across the country, along with high end retail.  As the network and my exposure grew,  two loves were born, and not of rugs, but of design and of people.  By growing a business selling beautiful design, I discovered my passion of providing great service to my clients which always became my friends.   After becoming established in the industry, I was invited to Sydney, Australia to visit an old friend, Bob Cadry.  Bob was the owner of Cadrys rugs, the first oriental rug showroom established in that county.  He had acquired the rights to translate the revered designs of Australian Wall paper designer, Florence Broadhurst, to the medium of hand knotted rugs.  He asked if I would be interested in bringing this brand to the United States.  I agreed to the  honor of representing Cadrys, and Australia, as Florence was considered a national treasure.  The business grew as an exclusive distributor of international rug brands.  In 2013,  the US economy was rebounding, and having lived in Charlotte for most of my adult life, I decided that it was time for Charlotte to get a taste of high design, but not necessarily high price.  My rugs were being sold in places like New York, LA, Miami, and San Francisco, but Charlotte had access to very little of what I offered.  After some research, I realized that the local Interior Designers would make frequent trips to places like Atlanta to do their shopping.  As I had grown up in Charlotte and with Charlotte, I wanted to provide an accessible local showroom where great handmade rugs, would be available to interior designers, and retail clients alike.  By acquiring some of the most beautiful, exclusive, and trusted names in the rug industry, such as Jan-Kath, Cadrys, Tamarian, and Woven Accents . . . Couture Knots was born.  A rug showroom where exclusive lines, that are not offered on the Internet, can be shopped, and customized.  The journey of your rug will be tracked from the wool of sheep grazing at the foothills of Everest, to your beautiful hardwood floor.  Whether its creating a custom rug, acquiring an antique heirloom, or anything in between, Couture Knots, will make your interior, a personal Couture statement.  

Ali Nikrooz, Owner of Couture Knots.

Couture Knots, located at 1920 Cleveland Avenue in Charlotte.  Representing Florence Broadhurst, Jan Kath,  Cadrys, Woven Accents and Tamarian.

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