Foyer and Office to Transform . . . Project Four.

Hi There . . 

Excited to help a long-time client complete her entry foyer and home office to tie back to the work we did in her dining room (one of my all time favorites) and music room.  These two spaces compliment each other so well, right as you enter the home, and set a tone.  What we are looking to do is have her foyer do the same and be equally as eye catching !!!

The plan, to bring the navies and purples  from the two side rooms.  I love all the white heavy moldings and don't plan to change any of that but a little accent paper on this small flat ceiling just by the door.

I love this paper and used it on the walls of an upcoming foyer and stairs, I had to have it make a second appearance on this small ceiling.  It's just too perfect !!

A simple black console table, and amazing ottoman covered in the most gorgeous fabric will complete the look.

The office, just off the kitchen is a little lack-luster.  I have always thought that if you have to work, you might as well surround yourself with pretty.

We want to add a wall of paper - just one wall -  in this navy, white and latte horizontal ombre stripe.  Over top, a large custom push pin board with silver molding.  New romans on the two windows, again, an amazing fabric with both the navies and fuchsia and a custom desk chair.

I have been working with my upholster to create custom desk chairs.  The options out there are so few and far between.  An upholstered "dining chair type" seat with swoop arms (as not to bag on the desk top), attached to a swivel base. 

 Comfortable and upholstered but most importantly - pretty !

Such pretty details !!


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