Growing Up a Playroom . . . Project Seven.


Yep, purple is hot and this room has a nice dose of it as well!  I have been working with the Crowder's on overhauling their entire digs as oppose to moving and this room wasn't left out of our room by room overhaul. Their three kids have a great space just off the main first floor hallway but as we all know, playrooms can be just a collection of plastic trucks and Barbie dream houses that we wish they would hurry up and grow out of.  The solution for most playrooms is to just shut the door. With this space so visible on the first floor we are working to give this space a little love, make it functional and fun with a lot more style.

I started with a rug and windows pulling all the new colors we used in the other rooms of the house, greys, purples and taupes.  I love mixing patterns and this space is no exception.  Take a look our what we are combining in this space.

We replaced all the white blinds with functional romans and added to large custom, upholstered storage ottomans on either side.   Some fun art and a new overhead fixture.  The new sofa is a lot sleeker and will change the feel of the space completely.  Kid friendly fabric and a tight back to keep it looking clean and tight.

The biggest problem with this space is storage.  Along the largest wall are bookcases.  Sounds great, but their depth is only 8 inches.  I really didn't want to ripe them all out and start over so came up with an idea to added 12' double door cabinets within the shelves.  The overall look will feel really modern with it's checkerboard look and deeper storage (behind doors a bonus) to hide all the plastic.

Two new swivel chairs and there you have it !

On such a roll at the Crowder home !  Stay tuned.

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