Purple Is Big Right Now. . . Project Six.

Hey !

Yes,  purple is big.  I love purple and there was a time I didn't.  Purple is warm, rich and vibrant.  My thought about purple is that when used in abundance, not so good.  When used as an accent - gorgeous.  This living room project for a new client in the Longview neighborhood has just the right amount of purple, her favorite color.

What we love about this design is the overall grey grass cloth for texture and the perfect backdrop.  With this space opening into a beautiful new kitchen the flow is seamless and the pop of the rug adds a bit of drama.  I love all the grey grass cloth choices from our favorite Phillip Jeffries, it was hard to pick.

So how about this rug for the purple lover?! So pretty.

The flanking bookcases get a new coat of grey as oppose to their current white, but leaving the mantle white. Mixing in a new cream, round coffee table and cream leather swivel chair.  A grey sectional with new pillows .

We have several great contenders for pillow options, but want to get that rug sample in to really pick the best one.  We found this one the other day and kinda love !

Our client loves a little shimmer and "glam" this piece would be way too much if it were not against that calming grass cloth . . should be really pretty and cannot wait to pull it all together at the install.

Stay tuned !

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