The Chic Cabin . . . Project Three.

Hi There !!!

Ok . . . so I could not be more excited about this one !  A challenge that's for sure.  When I first got the message from this new client who lived in a log cabin I thought . . cool, then I thought . . oh no - she's gonna want typical country-cottage, then I saw the pictures.  I called and went by out of pure curiosity.  I liked Laura immediately.  What I liked even more was one of her first comments . . . she was game to change the color of the logs, thanks goodness.  Now I am all about a true log cabin but when I get to create something chic and artistic IN a log cabin I am even more excited.

Located right in Charlotte, off the well-traveled Providence Road sits this cabin on it's own pond.  It's quite magical. The front door opens to an large multi use living room / dining room combined with a large stone fireplace.  Take a look.  Now the logs are surrounding the room but my first thought was how busy and heavy it all looked.

I got back to the studio and began working on this project right away, it was a challenge.
She wanted "unique pieces," something different, not the typical.  I was all aboard.  

I started pulling rug options, fabric options and remembered the Mirth Tiles.

When starting the design boards I photoshopped the logs to a white with slight grey cast.  Without changing the integrity of the logs but lighting them in the entire space to calm it all down.  Leaving the upper beams wood and working with the red brick herringbone floor pattern I believe this will lighten up the space, give it a more modern, chic feel.  

The plan is to float a live edge dining table on one side of the space with eight grey canvas chairs.  A large and very unique desk in the left niche and Laura's chandelier centered.  I added a grey seagrass rug on this side with matching on the other, again to tone down all the harsh orange tones of the floors.

The opposite side is the fireplace.  With the same rug, a grey sofa with chaise and a huge 90" storage, TV console.  All these pieces will be in the same grey tones but then popping in small doses of red and navy in the way of art, pillows and poufs.

The front door and back door are identical with two flanking windows.  The plan is to add a barn door tracks with these Mirth tiles inset.

It is sure to be an amazing transformation and I cannot wait.  Stay tuned.!

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