The Vast Landing Wasteland . . . Project Eight

Hey !

Have a big, boring upstairs landing and don't know what to do with it?  A lot of new builds do.  You come to the top of the stairs and have this vast area of walls and floor.  A photo gallery is the typical solution.  I say there can be more to it and you can add a lot of style to a landing.  Create a vignette. Every time I go to the Kips Bay Designer House I am always amazed at how the stairwells and landings are equally as beautiful as the rooms they lead to.  We have two landing we are working on for the Robbin's.  With a front stairwell and back, our goal is to tie them together and have them both tie back to the first floor.

This is the largest, with room enough for an 8 x 8 foot square rug.  We are adding two large art pieces, two chairs,  an ottoman and a really cool, tall bookcase.

This one fabric is where we plan to pull everything from.  So beautiful with the look of hand painted botanicals which is so hot right now.  I found a great vintage teal ottoman to mix with two new chairs.

What ties the two spaces together, a wall paper down the two opposing walls and wandering through the hallway to the front landing.  Vertical stripes this time in a slight yellow and silvery, taupe.  These colors are used downstairs so it will all have a cohesive feel.

The second landing has another large footprint with a long wall.  Rather than a photo gallery we are creating two long, upholstered benches with two tall wall mount, upholstered backs!  I cannot wait to see those go in.  All atop the stripe paper this should fill the space with pattern and color and really give you something to look at as you come up the stairs !

Stay tuned !!

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