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Took a day off yesterday and with Keith & Kate in tow, headed over to Charlotte's Festival in the Park in Dilworth.  Just down the street from my studio, this annual event takes over Freedom Park with tent after tent of art and food.  I am always on the hunt for different art (and a corn dog).  This year I replaced the corn dog with a lobster roll - shockingly good, and came across an artist with a fresh and different approach to her art combining embroidery, weaving, woodworking, acrylic and ceramic in various forms of sculpture and collage.  I was drawn to their texture and softness but striking graphic pattern.

Jewelry is wearable art and just like an art piece can transform a wall, a necklace can do the same for a simple outfit.

Meet Mary Hamby, owner and designer.  Full time artist living in Charlotte.  The name Twenty Two West, she explains comes from her inspiration place in Greenville, SC.  

With an interior design background (I am not surprised) her aesthetic focuses on texture, which I love.  Sustainable sourced wood, ceramics and hand spun fibers 

I was intrigued and she was agreeable to my snagging a few images from her website (here) to show you a bit more !

This piece . . . well I will let her explain . . 

"Clouds That Sail is part of a show called His Beard Really Isn't that Blue. The title references the short story Bluebeard about a woman who learns the importance of listening to what her gut is telling her. This show is about listening and creating from my perspective using the classic techniques of embroidery, weaving, woodworking, and ceramic in various forms of sculpture and collage. Each handmade element is intended to spark conversation and bring traditional fiber art into our modern culture. These one-of-a-kind pieces are meant to add whimsy and joy to any room."

Some of her pieces are a collaboration with artist Sarah Moore and combine acrylic on wood or with wood and a dose of woven.  Love these !

Take a look at these  - #needoneofeachplease !

I found Mary delightful in the few minutes we talked, love this fresh approach.  When reading a little further on her site I found a workshop . .  low and behold, in my neighborhood (here).  I signed up with Kate- I can certainly use a relaxed day, art inspired, how about you ?!

Happy Sunday !

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