Install of the Day !

Hi !

In between all the trips to Nashville and back, we did a quick install at my client Lee & Danay Houser's. We finished her main 1st floor not too long ago (here) and as I've come to know. . . it's a slippery slope. With the house looking so gorgeous, we wanted to transform their master bedroom to tie back to the house and give it a soothing "finished" style.  I chose the pop color of navy downstairs so we decided to thread that through upstairs.

I started with her existing bed, which is a four - post chrome and upholstery.  I ran with that as my jumping off point.

This one fabric was where I started.  New from Romo, it's has a gorgeous hand painted look.

We filled this large bedroom with tall drapes and functional bamboo blinds.  A sitting area to one side with a Moroccan inspired rug, large mirror and chaise.

I ordered a new lower dresser in silver to compliment the bed .  .

I am all about mixing metals so a touch of brass was in order with all the silver.

I love this bed and with all the new surrounding pieces we've created a cohesive look.

I pulled two art pieces Keith recently finished and had them framed in silver. Love

These are all part of a really pretty blue series of pieces he has just finished.

art by keith keim

all images by Mekenzie Loli

Sweet Dreams.