Install of the Day !

Hey There

Boho chic, still love the style but as of late I have toned down the color and am working more with the blacks, whites and neutrals.  This room update for longtime client Amy Boardman was designed for her daughter Sophie who wanted a more sophisticated look to take her through High School !

Just a few tweaks did the job.  I re purposed her a bookcase I placed all those years ago on one side of the bed and kept the vintage white one on the other.  New bed, bedding and windows along with the perfect rug did the trick.  Take a look !

The focal point - a black, white and tan juju hat.  Still not tired of these !

Who better than to channel my boho chic vibe than the inspiration of Justina Blakeney.  You know her !  Her book, The New Bohemians is filled in inspiration.  

Her site is filled with great accessories, furniture and textiles.  We love her.  She has streamlined many goods from many of our vendors all in one place.  

Another source of ours, Lindsay Cowels finished the look with two must have pillows.  Love this pattern and cannot wait to use it in an upcoming install as a full wall of wallpaper !

Love seeing our boards come to life !

all photos by mekezie loli

Sweet Dreams to you too Sophie !