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Howdy . . .

Well - with 2 of our 4 Nashville jobs installed, we are focused on Charlotte (and a couple in San Diego, actually) for the next month or so.

Coming up this week, a dreamy master bedroom that is all about the calm factor.  Is there anything calmer than a sunset or sunrise?  It's just that look my client wanted in her master bedroom.

While I was in NYC not too long ago, the view we had from The Standard overlooking Jersey actually, made me realize just how pretty this install will turn out (I hope) !

This space has it's challenges though.  Weird angles everywhere.  Low over the bed, high at the window and entry door and different levels on the other side walls.  I hope my wall paper installer is in a good mood this week while he's hanging this paper !

All new everything . . . low bed wth custom headboard running the whole wall, new sconces and side tables, new bigger area rug.

A pair of comfy new chairs and coffee table in the sitting area by the window

And new dressers in a lighter cool grey.

Thinking of placing a few of Windy O'Connor's pillows in the space too.  I love these two patterns.

So I am still loving the ombre.  Haven't tired of it yet.  Just sourced a few new pillows with the same feel on a new job. A touch here an there softens things.

  1. having tones of color that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark.

    "a blue and white ombré silk shift"

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