Happy New Year !

Hey There . . .

Excited to share - we've MOVED !!!!   Wondering why it's been looking a little empty through the windows of the East Blvd building . . . well that's why.

Bittersweet this move, but I am so excited !  I bought that big 'ole building back in 2006 when the kids were little, wanted to be in Dilworth and needed more space.  Can't believe it's been 12 years !!!! The space (and the team working with me) has changed a lot over the years.  We opened as a showroom focusing on kid's rooms.  That was our niche in the early days.  

Over the years we evolved and changed the look of our showroom a couple of times as well as the type of work we did.   Along with the look of the space the look of the team has changed.  I will say the team I have had over the past 6 years has been worth the wait all these years.  We all work together so well and all have each other's back.  I love each and every one of them.  Bree, Maggie, Betsy, Mekenzie as well as husband Keith and his brother Mike.  We are, at the moment looking to add to the team. In desperate need of a good Design Assistant (see my post here on what we are looking for !)

I realized I didn't need that big a space. It's a lot to keep up with, and let's be honest .. with property values in Dilworth the way they are - selling would allow me to do a lot of things !!!!  So I put it on the market and two weeks later had the perfect offer .. done.  We close in two weeks.  Of course I don't really mess around and the day I signed the papers, Maggie, Bree and I went out to look at a space I had my eye on at Atherton Mills.  It only took one look and I was in.  Gorgeous, old loft and just down the street from where we are now.

How has the business changed, well Maggie and I can do a lot of our work remotely.  Give me a computer and I'm good.  When it comes to client meetings our work space just doesn't need to be as big.  We will still have all the fabric, wall paper, carpet, and trim samples as well as a few furniture pieces, art and examples of carpentry in the new space.  What sold me the minute I saw our new space were the windows in this big loft !  The light is amazing and I just love the overall vibe.  We even have a fireplace, it's so cozy, we love it.

We'll be setting it up but not losing a beat.  We have lots of new projects in the works, several big installs in early 2018.

2108 South Boulevard Suite 213 
Atherton Lofts
Charlotte NC  28203

Our number is the same and we still work by appointment (as we are in and out a lot)

Give us a call and bring it on 2018 !!

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