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Ok, so I am catching up on blog posts that I have wanted to do for a while... not to bombard the email's of those who follow, my blog is like a journal pour moi and I love to take a breath and reflect or focus on what's coming up.  I am in Florida with Lucy getting ready for college.. it's early and she's still asleep.. I'm just a hanging in the IHop attached to the gorgeous Travelodge until we need to leave for the airport...

New Elizabeth neighborhood clients.  Love them.. very chill and are soooo excited to be renovating their adorable but unfinished bungalow !!  They have been a dream to work with, most agreeable to my vision for them.  I call this Globally Inspired and Ageless in that we have a little bit of everything, which I love... a little bit from Morocco, a touch of India, a NYC vibe all mixed up in both a Mid Century and modern timeline.  It seems to work though, I think.  Ageless in that we are not messing with the integrity of this 1920's home and incorporating well made pieces that will last.

Again, a renovation adding a new kitchen, a new mud room and family room, then updating the entire front of the house, living room, dining room, sitting room and master bedroom.. I just finished one of these and ready for another.  I love seeing these kinds of transformations.

Most excited to see a good dose of Lindsay Cowles' wall paper and Windy O'Connor's fabric as the punch in both the living room and dining room... Can't seem to get enough of those two artists !

Take a look at the Living Room plans...

Front door opens into this space on the left but with a clear visual shot to the dining room and side reading room.  Will soon have an open view into the new kitchen.  This older Elizabeth home has your typical heavy brick fireplace that we are covering up with marble porcelain tile for a cleaner look.  May or may not do the mantle.. can't decide yet.  I love the mix of furniture.  Modern chairs, new custom sofa and two killer conversation pieces.. the inlaid chest and the coffee table (see blown up images further down)

It did start a bit with one of Windy O'Connor's fabrics.. I am pulling neutrals, black, navy and a touch of salmon pink. . . yummy.  Finding your inspiration from one thing is the trick.  In this case, I am keeping one of their sofas - a navy one, good "neutral," so I'm pulling from that color.  I found this one fabric that I love.. added it to the table of inspiration to pull it all together !

The living room opens to a great side room we are calling the front lounge.  In there... their navy sofa and a wall paper previously chosen  - a great black and white F. Schmacher.

Want to fill this space with collected pieces, art, mismatched chairs and one amazing floor lamp.  All with a city vibe.

A lot of art in that space is the plan.  I have a few in mind . . . I popped a few pieces in my design boards to give them a little direction as far as what I think would look fabulous.. for example, a little Geoffrey Johnson (available at Shain Gallery here in Charlotte) and maybe an amazing Ron Royals piece.  (photographer & artist friend of mine in High Point, NC) 

So the touches of black tie back to this inlaid pieces I was talking about that I love for the front living room  Always need a touch of black to ground pastels and light colors I feel.  Very globally inspired.

Love this piece.

And this coffee table - with it's brass and inlaid top.  So pretty.
The pattern having a Moroccan feel to me.

Now, the dining room is also visible from the front door.  With a window seat already in place, I am opting to slide over the dining table and (new) chandelier to create more of a passage through the room into the new kitchen and den.

Looking at all my fabrics and papers on the table.. I felt the window niche could use a dose of Lindsay Cowles...

From the lounge on the front of the house you walk back to the master bedroom.  We all fell in love with the new bed.  The nail head detail is gorgeous.  Mixing in an existing drop pendant from their old living room over a larger side table and mirror and a swing arm lamp on the other.

New white linen curtains and tall dresser and surrounded by an agate wall paper pattern.  The biggest splash, the rug.  A Kate Spade Pattern.

The new construction will all be in the back of the house.  Opening up a wall between the kitchen and family room and then bumping out to create a larger space.

The new family room will be light and airy with a large glass door on the back letting in all the light and outdoors.  Two matching sofas in a light grey and a fun, also Moroccan inspired rug and clear glass and lucite coffee table.

I think the most exciting part, for my clients, will be the kitchen.  Very tight and dark at the moment, we are updating for sure.  The plan is to incorporate the navy in the new side cabinets with a large white island.

New counter to ceiling black tile (I have the same at my home and love love it - see image below and more  here)  Floating shelves and new pendants.  

- my kitchen.

When starting the Pinterest hunt for inspiration.  This was my go to to give my clients a visual of the color combination.

(image via Coats Homes)

In searching a few more images I pulled from my Pinterest Kitchen Inspirations (here).

Demo is well underway, walls are down, windows and doors picked out - stay tuned !!