Install of the Day !

Morning !

Held up at the airport waiting to take Lucy down to school to pick her classes for her freshman year.. what happened, she turned 18 yesterday, now she's leaving.. While I am beyond excited for her.. kinda sad here.. it's getting so close... 

Flight delayed so I thought I'd take the time to post something.. I know I have been an absentee blogger.  I use to love coming home and doing a post about a quick install we did and Mekenzie had shot earlier that day, but it's changed a bit at Lucy & Co.. mainly the type of work.  We are busy, busy with bigger projects.  Exciting to have clients renovating and purchasing new homes and needing help with the entire thing!  Bigger project = tons of logistics and longer lead time to install as we are at the mercy of the contractor !  Not to say we don't do a room here and a room there.. but primarily jobs are quite involved and it's all I can do to eat dinner and go to bed when I get home !!  

We have four huge jobs happening in Nashville at the moment.. installing 2 in Aug and the other two in the fall and winter.. Maggie was up in DC the past couple of days for a meeting with a new client and big project and I'm heading to Philly not too long from now to install a townhouse.  Loving the out of town work.

Meanwhile back in Charlotte, stay tuned for design inspiration on an Elizabeth neighborhood renovation that just started and a big mid century modern renovation we just got the plans for ... crazy fun !!

But back to this . . . We recently finished this home in January.. big first floor reno (see here).  After my client took a breath we jumped on the Master Bedroom to complete everything.  I love this master . . . It's so large that it can handle it's own sitting room !

Take a peek at the finished product . . .

Lastly the kid's TV / Homework Room.  We wrapped that up as well with the finishing touches.  Just of the first floor hallway I wanted it to visually tie to the new pretty downstairs.. Thanks to the kids for growing up some so I could do that !  

all photos by mekenzie loli

Happy Sunday All...