The Resurgence of the Chesterfield

Hi again . . .

I say "resurgence," though the Chesterfield style sofa has been around forever, you may just have only seen or thought of them in those manly offices out there.

Modern to industrial to traditional, the Chesterfield sofa is back, and I love it.  The richly detailed diamond tufted upholstery and rolled arms are it's most distinguishing features.  Many credit the Earl of Chesterfield who commission a cabinet maker to design an elegant yet masculine piece and it became a sought after style for most of the early 19th century, becoming symbolic to British aristocracy and wealth.

I have long loved the iconic style and my desire for one came about when I paid a visit to the show room of The Rug Company in Manhattan earlier this year.  Here's were it all started for me . . . can you say yum.... (now only to snag that peacock feather rug . . it's a beauty)

So as a Christmas present to myself . . it sits and is often fought over by all of us, deep enough for two nappers and quite the focal point.

Take a look at all the other rooms I have saved on my Pinterest boards to draw inspiration from and take a good look at how a Chesterfield doesn't have to be office boring !!

Think about it, or just give me a call, be happy to find the perfect fabric and order you one too.


  1. I adore the chesterfield look as well. The green leather is super cool and totally unexpected. Are you familiar with British designer, Timothy Oulton? He designed a classic chesterfield look called the Kensington and also carries the same caramel chair you have called the Reggio. Love how you made both these work together. Great job!!

  2. Thanks so much Allison ... I will it out ! Love the green as well... so different - curled up on it right now !!!