Advent Calendars

Hey There . . 

Mekenzie and I are working on a series of posts in the spirit of the Season of Light.   Last week, while I was running around installing and trying to keep my clients happy, she created an Advent calendar in her new office space and used her new skills learned from Blogshop with a little stop motion photography.  Love the outcome ! With a hammer, nails, paint and those photoshop skills in hand she created this simple yet strong calendar she discovered on one of my favorite sites . . . Weekday Carnival.  There are so many good DIY sites out there filled with clever ideas, it is much fun searching them as it is creating them.   I give credit to the creators,  and at the same time credit to Mekenzie for her skill in putting her own twist on it with the stop motion !  

So to kick off our Monday . Wednesday . Friday posts on The Season of Light, starting tomorrow, I wanted to show off a few Advent Calendars we discovered and love from some of my favorite sites - be sure to check out all the links below for more beautiful ideas !

 . . . . and last but not least . . .
My own crafty advent calendar - a little combination of everything I have seen
I used vintage sheet metal painted peacock blue with old vintage metal numbers.  We like to see a little quote for the day, each day it's something to think about !

Happy Monday !