Install of the Day!

Hey . . .

I am loving having the day off.  It is so quite around here I am in heaven !!!  I am sitting in my new family room watching the cookie baking take place and we are finally getting around to decorating the tree that just made it in the house . . yes it's true.  I have been slammed, but worse, sinus infected which has put me in the "we'll do it later" mode, but realizing I only have 1 day.. thought it was time to get it together !

So while I have the day to sit and look around me new room, I thought I would share.  Did I need to re-decorate, not really, did I want to .. yep.  Why you ask?  I have wanted a chesterfield sofa for a while now and knowing BH&G was coming over to check out the place prompted the re-do.  I really wanted all the rooms to jive and feel like they do now!  

Take a look at the finished product . . 

So, it's quite the eclectic mix.  I love that.  Casual, easy leather, but a fun color.  A rustic "cart" coffee table found at the flea, another little beat-up leather chair and a great grouping of art.
 I popped the green with hot pink (pulled from the living room) all atop a flat weave grey striped rug.
I found these great lamps at Slate, love the mid-century element and great tie back to the floor lamp.  Check out the texture on one of my art pieces (Keith used tar in this piece).

 And I am more than thrilled to have my own Miranda Lakes piece, complements of Hidell Brooks Gallery.  I have wanted this piece forever !
 And there you have it.  My lavender grass cloth pained over in pale grey, my bookcase painted over in the same and re-arranged.  Two simple, dog and kid friendly pieces of furniture - not cluttered up, and a great collage of art.  That's all you need !

I love it !

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