Install of the Day !

Hola . . 

I have been spending so much time with my fabulous painters as of late, "Hola" Juggling all sorts of rooms, clients, and extreme opposites in design.    This one I love.  We installed Megan and Chris Murphy's nursery yesterday.   When I met with the Murphy's at the office I as given two directions "Rocketeer and Lake."  Too extremely different looks - both equally cute.  Rocketeer won for their new baby boy on the way and due any minute !

Rocketeer - wondering what that means exactly? . . . Fictional character, superhero, created by writer-illustrator Dave Stevens who paid homage to the Saturday matinee serial heroes of the 30's, 40's and 50's.

I thought of only one direction when I started creating this nursery space . .  grey flannel suits, metal, and mid century modern furniture with a touch of black and red. 

Take a look at the design board.

Where did I start?  I found the Rocketeer Poster on line and quickly ordered it.  From that image I pulled a rug with a splash of color knowing I wanted subtle walls.  The horizontal stripes were "suit" like, and clean while creating a focal point on the facing wall as you came in.
We looked a two cribs, both sleek and simple.  When I found the sideboard / dresser / changer I chose to go with the Oeuf in a dark brown.

Take a look at the finished product.
 Again it's all in the details.  I found this tall, sleek table lamp with a pop of the navy found in the rocker and rug.  With the dresser as large as it was, it fills the space, has tons of storage and leaves enough room for a changing pad and lamp.

Keith hand painted my cornice in a whimsical splattered design for a custom and unique look.

 My thanks to Mid Century Salvage for helping me find the perfect dresser, they cleaned it up and refinished it . . . gorgeous !  Megan and Chris found the mobile, vintage metal planes.
 The overall room is all boy . .  now come on Megan, let's get this show on the road !  I know you are more than ready !