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Nothing to do today?  Head downtown to Comic Con at the convention center.  Lucy and Keith (my two comic book junkies) have had this event on the calendar for months and this past weekend, Kate and I followed behind those two, no knowledge, but eyes wide open watching and learning a thing or two.  Not only is it a place for endless people watching, all decked out in costume, it is the place to find, trade and collect.  But the most impressive thing I saw were the rows or artists.  New, veteran, famous to some.  Their talents simply blew me away!

The Heroes Convention was founded in 1982 by Shelton Drum, owner of Charlotte's Heroes Aren't Hard to Find comic shop.  Fans can mingle directly with the professionals and exhibitors and it boasts an incredible guest list built by reputation and goodwill.  It's known nationwide as a "must" for drawing fans and creators from every region of the country.

A few pics I snapped yesterday . . .

Loved seeing the artists at work.  This is the creator of Dick Tracy - Chester Gould.  Kate met Derek Hunter, background designer for Adventure Time - one of her favorites.  It was awesome to show my two art lovers just where all their drawings and talent could go !

Love that this Mom came all decked out with her son !

Keith and Lucy worked on her costume - she was pumped to sport it at the convention !

I was drawn to the somewhat tame . . . loved these by Drew Blank who's tag is
"Think Inside the Square"

Yeah - this will date me . . 

Was amazed at the detail by this artist, Scappaticci.prosite.com
And love this collage look by Andrea Fluty .  I am a huge Iron Man fan myself.

Scott Snyder couldn't make it . . . I am thinking he's kind-a busy with the new Batman Movie . . 

Such a fun Saturday, and loved seeing my Bat Girl, Lucy in her glory !

Next time you are in the Elizabeth neighborhood, stop by Heroes Aren't Hard to Find, you know you want to.
Read more . . . Charlotte Magazine wrote a nice article last year . .  check it out here.

Art filled day - and last day to go to the Convention Center - oh, and pause to check out
Paul Russo's amazing piece on the way in. . .

Happy Sunday !

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