It's a Southern Thing

Happy Sunday . .

Being in the mountains, at the family house, I am surrounded by things I grew up with.  Very collected, very Southern ! I went to the farmer's market yesterday and met up with an old friend, Natasha, who worked with us back in the day. Now she is living the dream on her farm in the Asheville mountains. I love reading her FB blurbs and seeing pictures of life on the farm.  Her family of 3 expands all the time with the 4 legged kind, and the egg laying kind.   Growing dueling gardens with her Chef husband and farming fresh eggs have replaced her paint brushes (somewhat . .  though they are opening a new restaurant and she's pulling back out those brushes).  Fresh veggies and eggs are always spread across our porch table for dinners at dusk and it got me thinking while I relaxing a bit  soaking up the view.

No porch picnic for us is the same without a few deviled eggs.  If you are the collector type, how cool would a grouping of vintage plates clustered together on the wall be . . . here's a little inspiration.

Carnival Glass would be my material of choice . . . 

But here are a few more that caught my eye . . . grouped in the colors and styles I would use together.

It's a bit hard to find the cool, old ones.  Replacements in Greensboro is a good place to start.  Etsy is another good place to hunt.

Save the simple ones for to take to a group lunch and hang the cool ones on the wall!

Here's a great example of a cluster . . . overlapping and on a large scale !

Happy Lazy Sunday !

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