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Lazy kind of day yesterday.  I was all over the lap top.  Thinking about all the things I want to plan into my San Francisco trip, but also working on a few new client projects.  A foyer, an office, a teen girl and boy's space.  Oops I was diverted to my own bathroom remodel.. focus - focus !!!

While pulling interesting color combinations, fabrics and papers I often look at random images to give myself inspiration.  I have this image "pinned" in my pinterest files under "color combinations."  I just like the idea of blues and greens with a touch of pink and the neutral of brown.  I need to create a space that visually follows these colors.  I also see great pattern in these donuts . . . stripes, polka dots.  Just think this is a pretty picture and it can be inspirational.

A collection of fabric and a look comes to mind,  I saw it recently in House Beautiful.  Peter Dunham's fabric.  His apartment was recently shot for  House Beautiful.   It's pretty gorgeous.  Take a look at how I see those colors in a room design.

I especially love the upholstered walls !

photos by Amy Neunsinger

I'll take this tiny LA apartment any day.  Peter Dunham has such a pretty line of fabrics (and all available at Lucy and Co - give us a call).  Yum.

Take a look at a few of my favorites.

Got me thinking about a color combination of brown, blue, green and a touch of pink.

I found a few in my files that represents the feel of that. . . 

Love the storage - and all behind doors - good !

The pattern play of stripes, diamonds as well as the perfect placement of accessories.

I picture this at my future beach place

design by Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger for Oly

Never get sick of this look Oly created.   Love everything about it.

design by Mary McDonald, photo by Melanie Acevedo

Ms. McDonald knows how to use an animal print that's for sure.

and . .  I love this look I created recently for a great client of mine.  The art (by Windy O'Connor) started the entire thing . . .

Great colors and pattern play on this porch . . .

Frame these beauties and add to your grouping. . . 

Happy Monday !

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