Swedish Boho Chic ?!

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It's day two, camped out at Casa Shank for her big, big install.  We have so much going on that being on site to supervising all the painting in various colors, all the wall paper, lighting, furniture and delivery simultaneously for 4 big rooms.  I am most excited to meet Traci back at her abode on Thursday night to give her the big tour of her complete re-vamped, made-over first floor.  I love that she checked herself in a nearby hotel to really see the full effect when we are done, as oppose to in progress.  I designed a few things that really went outside her current look, and I know she is nervous, so being gone will calm those nerves and walking into the finished product, way more exciting.  We are painting virtually every surface, adding splashy paper and changing her furniture and accessories from a mixture of the traditional she started with, and a few mid-century pieces (her new love) to a more cohesive eclectic look (if there is such a thing as cohesive eclectic).  I am so excited !  She has been waiting a while to do this, her style has changed and she and her husband decided to completely face-lift as oppose to moving . . . good idea.  I've said it once and I'll say it again.. paint and paper can change everything.

But camping out, watching paint dry and paper go up, can be a long day feeling like I'm not doing anything.  So with lap top in hand and access to her wi-fi I finished all the design boards for Megan Orell, owner of Scout & Molly's here in Charlotte. 

First of all Megan's shop is on my short list of the three women's clothing stores I would shop in, Sloan and Boris & Natasha's being the other two.  Megan and her husband (and two dogs) have built an amazing home in my neck of the woods - Plaza Midwood.  The build is amazing.  New, open, modern, yet with a slight craftsman edge (in the trim work mainly).   Gorgeous windows, full 4-panel sliding doors that open - pocket style - completely letting the living room and kitchen spill out onto the back porch.  It's not huge, but the 9 1/2 foot ceilings and open floor plan make it seem really big.  This house, I would live in in a skinny minute.  I was thrilled when she contacted me to help her pull it together.  

Now Megan, who has great style herself, and loves to shop has ordered a lot of pieces.  Every single one I love and would have chosen myself, so helping has been easy.  She definitely has a modern, eclectic, slightly gypsy vibe in her choices and her clothing is very telling (and yes ladies who know Megan - her closet is amazing).  I initially started with layering tons of patterns and textures, colors and styles in my plan, but the more we talked about it and looked at things together we both realized she is a little more simplistic in her true loves.  A look I am equally in love with for it's calming effect.

I started in this direction . . . big pops of pattern and wall papers.

Her open living space with all white walls and clean lines punched with a mix of chic meet tribal, meet vintage.

. . . and her master,  I went the darker, cozy direction.

Ever watch Emily Henderson and that test she gives her clients where she lines up 5 different picture frames, 5 different fabrics and 5 other weird things and has her client simply pick their favorite?  Then she gives their style a name - I totally get that and it really tells a lot.  Megan is "Swedish Boho Chic." and this is my definition of that....

We started messing with the design boards together and I quickly realized she was pointing out items with much more streamlined attributes and like colors.  It's funny, when I meet with clients I will look at all sorts of inspirations with them.  The choices they choose are very telling.

We changed direction to a more minimal , tone on tone look, yet still having the infusion of a little glitz, whimsy and slight funk.

The biggest direction change is the master.  All shades of white and cream.  As with the other style, this direction is equally soothing but in a completely different way !

I love this space.

Stay tuned . . . this will be a gorgeous photo shoot.

Scout & Molly's is having a big, big SALE - be sure and stop by !!

Time to go check on the boys in the other room, I think Traci's dining room paper is done.

So excited.

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