Inspired by Peter Lik . . . Project One.

Hey There!

Working like crazy women at the studio lately, it always gets that way this time of year.  I think it's a combination of a New Year - wanting a new look, and lucky bonus recipients.  Maggie and I have met with several new clients and happily they are on board with the plans we came up with.

One of our first projects is the Moore home.  Catherine came to me asking for help kicking off a look for their first floor.  They recently moved into the prettiest new home.  It's big and has beefy moldings, counter tops, kitchens and baths.   For a new build, I was most impressed with the details this builder put in!  They just need help with design, furniture, a little color, accessories - ya know - a pulled together look.  We are staring in the most used room of the house. - the kitchen, breakfast area and family room, a blank slate with the exception of one brown leather sectional.

Take a look at the space.

Nice, right !  So . . . they own this piece by Peter Lik, a photographer from Australia,  most known for his nature and panoramic landscapes.  It centers the large wall over their sectional.  I am starting there . . . and pulling all my colors from this one piece, that we all love.  A great starting point.

I focused on navy.  While Catherine admits she could "live in a fun house," her husband is a bit more toned down.  I figured navy (paired with the painting and the color of the existing walls and trim that I don't want to re-paint) would be safe, yet striking (and he'd go for it).  But not to worry, I'll pull in a punch or two !  This is the color palette and direction we are heading in.

Keeping their sectional, I added the layered rug look for two reasons.  They needed a big rug for this space and jute is inexpensive . . . we can go big with that.  The overlay rug, not so inexpensive, so going smaller and overlaying will give me pop of color I was looking for.  A new overhead to compliment the kitchen lights.  A new upholstered ottoman and side table.  I plan on filtering in two fuchsia chairs I found for her (and hopping Josh won't freak out!)

A touch of grass cloth opposite the sofa to give the TV wall some interest.

Paper just in the breakfast nook.  Josh really loved this one pattern.  They have a large dining table in this area which is really pretty but too big I thought.  Suggested they move it into the empty dining room and for a new idea, these two 42" square tables in zinc metal.  With two, the access is easier and they are pretty interesting and different.  New, custom upholstered bench seats.

Flanking the on window on the longest wall, one tall bookcase with a graphic, interesting shape in reclaimed wood.  On the other side a tall console, also in reclaimed wood and metal.

What are those things over the console . . . really cool ceramic plates.  I plan on clustering an odd number to create a great focal point and tie back to the art.

The trim on the simple window treatments is gorgeous and adds that pop of color.  From a new vendor, their colors and options are big. . . love it !

Take a closer look at some of these awesome new trims.

I cannot wait to get this going for them.  A pulled together space.  Yay !

Once the family room and kitchen are complete - we plan on hitting the dining room.  I went ahead and pulled ideas so they could visualize.  This room should be a dramatic, casual yet elegant.  Right by the front door I have always felt a dining room is a place to be a dramatic and eye catching.

Bringing the navy back in the front of the house in either a paper or lacquer paint job.  Simple window treatments and big art.  Since I talked them into moving their kitchen table in this space I worked off it's style to mix two different types of chairs, casual yet comfortable.  The side chairs in a neutral the end chairs with a gorgeous contrast velvet on the back in an ombre effect.

A lighter sideboard (and upholstered chairs) would really pop off the dark walls, but bringing back an amazing wood mirror would tie the table back in. 

I love this mirror.  I chose it recently for the Crowder dining room install in the lighter color and it's such a show stopper . . . shagreen - love !

Lastly the plan is to bring back the same linen curtains as we put in the family room, minus the trim.  Keeping that simple and elegant, but then possibly adding an interesting plate collection on either side!

I am really excited to get this underway !!!  Stay tuned.

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  1. I love your boards. What do you use to create them that allows you to insert your custom fabrics? Always inspiring use of color and unique items. Thanks for sharing!