Spotlight: Lindsay Cowles & Windy O'Connor

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So Lindsay Cowles.  Artist, entrepreneur, mom to the cutest kid ever.  I'm not sure when we first spotted her textiles and wall coverings but we have been following her for a while.  Met her on an install in Richmond and have used her amazing wall coverings in several of our projects.  Previously posted "Globally Inspired" we are incorporating one of the most colorful ones so far in a dining room, and in just a few weeks we are installing this beauty in one of our Nashville jobs.

Later in the year, I have the navy version heading up to Philly, stay tuned for that !

But we have used the lighter version in a project here in Charlotte . . .

Maggie transformed this small, small home office adding her paper to the ceiling for a big wow moment when you walked in.

I have also created a space using this pattern on just an accent wall.  

Take a look at a few of our other favorites . . 

This pattern and color really popped in a project I completed a few years ago !

This black and white is on the books for our own Betsy Houck, for her master bedroom !

And this pattern, we were able to tweak slightly color wise for another accent wall in a job we completed about a year ago .

With an all white living space it really added a little drama to the entry.

Meet Lindsay . . .

And a few more of my favorites, for the color lovers . . .

Windy O'Connor, Charlotte girl.  Friend with for a long time.  Windy's business has exploded with not only creating beautiful art pieces, but now textiles !  In my last post (here) one of her patterns was the inspiration for the entire living room !  Also coming up another later this year, another O'Connor driven color design !

Take a look of my favorites !

This last pattern is the inspiration for a new local commercial salon update just started working on !

Meet Windy . . .

Two of my favorite women !  Thanks for adding the perfect touches to our spaces !

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