A Renovation Worth Waiting For !

Hi There !

What do you get with you combine Ruard Veltman Architecture and the Salin's Group . . . Windy O'Connor's amazing house.  It's a dream from front to back.  Last fall I jumped in to help Windy with her daughter's room and saw the pre-construction phase (take a look here) ... still beautiful, but let me tell you, it's to die for now.  The hosts of lasts night's Room to Bloom CommenceMent Party, I heard a lot of "oohs and ahhs" from the likes of designers, magazine folk, architects, artists and Mary McDonald herself.

I stopped by this past week to help with a few tiny things (but really just wanted to get a really good look at the house!) and my hat goes off to Windy, having done most of the interior design herself.  It was beautiful.  It's that artist's eye she has, a great sense of style and great help from Ruard and Ben. 

 Take a look from front to back . . .

There's Windy all decked out for the Room to Bloom festivities.

Her art fills the space and adds such a great pop of color !

She paid attention to all the details !

 design by beth - lucy and company

design by beth - lucy and company

  design by beth - lucy and company

Such a great space . . . . and party ready !


  1. That house is beyond divine. Your design touches are not unnoticed. Such a wonderful use of space. Bravo.

  2. Oooh. Just saw this shared on FB. Love Windy, Love RVA and especially Julia, Love. This. House.