Request for Lavender . . . Part One.

Happy Lavender

I have not always loved purple.  At one point in time I had a tone on tone cream filled house, why I don't know.  But my style changes and the things I love change.  I finished re-designing the showroom to fill it with saturated reds, purples and golds.  So I never say never to a certain color anymore.  But when it comes to this year's "color of the year"  I feel a little goes a long way.  They call it Radiant Orchid which is a clean, vibrant pinkish - lavender.  Not one of my favorites, but I will say, I am loving deep purple and soft lavender these days.  In my pinterest files I find inspiration just like the rest of you and recently when I was looking at "all things purple" I came across these images by well known designers who know how to use lavender - in my opinion.  A small dose is all it take to get the feel without overdoing it. 

Take a look on the perfect way to drop lavender in your space !

 design by beth webb

 design by Suzanne Kasler

Frank Babb Randolph's Georgetown home featured in Veranda here

I have had the lavender request and like the others, I believe a little goes a long way !
In this space, the back of the chairs and edge of the rug were as far as I went.

But just recently I was asked to incorporate lavender in a home without any, in a room not far away from a living space filled with blue and yellow.  Took a lot of pondering and more time than usual because to find a way to visually make it work and logistically to get it to the West Coast without costing a bloody fortune.  Stay tuned for the design I put together using lavender !

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