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It's hard to believe our break is really over, but then again both Beth and I had time to working on our new projects for 2015.   To start the year off we met with 14 year old Abbey the other day and come to find out she's a bit of a follower of ours.   On her powerpoint Christmas list she asked for a room designed by us !  So sweet.  We couldn't wait to get it done for her.  I'll admit, bedrooms are my favorite spaces to design.

We hunkered down in the comfy back office and got to right to it.  As inspiration, we worked off a shoe box covered with a pattern Abbey brought us and  loved, compliments of Tory Burch.  You never know where inspiration can come from !

I came up with this color story - pinks, oranges and purples.  Mixing the golds and silvers together give it a warmer, more collected look . . .  and not so matchy-matchy.  Abbey may only be 14 but wanted something more grown up and we totally agree.  Young and "themey" doesn't have much lasting power.  It still has a youthful vibe with the bright colors, but the patterns and high gloss finishes on the sleek furniture gives the space a sophistication that will carry her through and past college.  

Take a look at my design number one . . and the colors we want to incorporate.

An upholstered bed, flanked with two large, white lacquer side chests, amazing silvery / gold graphic wall paper and the splash of the Tory Burch colors in the window treatments will be your focal point as you enter the room.  This room has a vaulted ceiling so a large drum shade with more gold and white is the perfect piece, and a big statement.

To the right of the bed, a huge 41 inch mirror and desk and/or makeup table with a vintage lamp and ghost chair.

I wanted to give Abbey two choices - two different looks.  In both of these designs we chose pieces that we could switch in and out of each look, giving Abbey the final say !

For design number two, I went bolder with the patterns and more color on the wall - but with the same color tones.  With this wall paper on just the two of the opposing walls, it allows us to get away with such a bolder graphic  I think.

In this design, I chose a four-poster bed.  This particular bed has thin posts as not to look too busy with the wall paper.  The rug was so close to her Tory shoe box pattern so I chose it immediately and worked of of that.

This time I went with a wall shelf as oppose to the make up desk.

We love both of them!  Which do you like better?  

We met today and both Mom and daughter were happy !  They decided on option one. . . which was my first pick too, so I was thrilled!   We switched the drum chandeliers and decided that painting the detail behind the mirror would not only save a little money, but give it a complete original look. Thanks in advance Keith! Can't wait for the install, it's going to be a good one.

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