Spotlight: Rebecca Atwood

Hi There !

It could not be any colder, cloudier, and drizzlier than it was the other day in Charlotte.  I had big plans to work at the office on tax stuff, but honestly I just couldn't do it.  Tomorrow's another day (Scarlett).  I needed to be creative on my big, green sofa with my kids around.  I am working on several new projects and looking for all the great accessories. One of which, the perfect textile.  One of my favorite artists is Rebecca Atwood.  We incorporated a pair of her grey marble pillows in our latest install (here).  They were perfect.  Rebecca has a beautiful line.  Thought I'd elaborate a bit . . .

Her patterns and fluidness are what I love, as well as her choice of color combinations.  Hand painted looking and original.  I came across her originally at one of the New York shows and have been following her ever since.  

Brooklyn based artist, "believes in the process of making."  The artistic process is what drives her and it's evident.  Simple and luxurious that is for sure.  I read she grew up on Cape Cod and drew some of her inspiration from the ocean.  Now living in Brooklyn she continues to find inspiration in her surroundings from everyday observations.  With a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design, she began her career at Anthropologie - that's cool !  Working with major retailers today, she's a trend setter for sure. 

From paper to textiles, the translation is there and each piece is a work of art.  Take at a few of my favorite pillows - surely to make that sofa or chair something that much more special.

These are the beauties we used in the Edgerton Master Bedroom install (here).

What about art?  Framed in white or black, these can be yours as well.

Love !