Spotlight: Heather Day

Hi There !

I am crushing on artist Heather Day today.  In search of the perfect piece of art for a new project I am working on, I came across her work.  In a round about way,  I pulled up Norton Factory Studios in Oakland, CA.  While out there this past November and found a hub of artists all in one place.  Her pieces spoke to me the most.  I love their colors and movements.  I was hard pressed to find one I didn't like !  So I pulled an image from her site and added it to my design board for this dining room I am working one and it made the room.  

Heather, born in Hawaii, currently lives in the Oakland / San Francisco area, received her BFA in painting and Art History from Maryland Institute College of Art.  I particularly love her layering technique and as described by her "each mark creates a series of expectations similar to a conversation and tell a story."  She further described she is influenced by Cy Twombly and de Kooning which I see in her work.  Large or small (all grouped together), these pieces will no doubt made a big impact in your space.  (They did at the Google Offices - congrats to Heather by the way !)

Meet Heather.

photos from her site by Emma Fineman

 All of her work is gorgeous.  Fan of abstract art?!   Take a look at some of my favorite pieces, images compliments of her site.

Near San Francisco?  Check out Norton Factory Studios.

A piece similar to this will make the dining room I am working on.  First of all - you absolutely can layer busy art on a busy wall paper !  A piece like this with a light, neutral background visually calms the paper I feel.  The incorporation of blues and mints (as seen through the doors to the living room) help tie all the 'pop" colors together.  L O V E !!! 

Happy Monday !