A Market Collaboration . . . and a Really Good One !

Hi !

Headed to Atlanta for Market this past week.  Drove down with Maggie and designer and friend Lisa Sherry for a quick girl's trip and stay at the W in Buckhead (fab by the way).  We all had things we were in search of, but one thing I needed to do was get an answer to a Dunes & Duchess floor lamp question.  I was delighted to see that Stacy Kunstel, of Dunes & Duchess had joined forces with the ladies of Taylor Burke Home and Cotton & Quill.  The venue looked amazing and there was a big buzz around the space.  Their mix of lighting, furnishings and fabrics were striking and I was drawn in right way.  Had the pleasure of meeting Julianne Taylor (the "Taylor" of Taylor Burke Home) and talked for a bit.  We are new instagram friends and it was nice to put a face to "@taylorburkehome."

There is nothing more fabulous than a good collaboration.   Designers working with textile greats, furniture creatives with big manufacturers, pattern designers both wall paper and ceramic with dinnerware giants and high end to the trade firms like F. Schumacher, Zoffany, and Kravet to name a few.    I noticed that type of collaboration in this space, and it got me thinking about just how I would design a space with some of my favorite pieces from the three I saw that day !

So in the spirit of collaboration, I worked on a design plan incorporating primarily Taylor Burke Home pieces I loved, along with Cotton & Quill fabrics, a dose of Dunes & Duchess and a bit of Mirth Studios.

A city loft . .  I can dream of . . . 

From Taylor Burke Home I chose all the following furniture pieces

> the Guillaume Tufted Sofa in Navy
> two Soho Loft Chairs (the name got me)
> the Mulholland Lounger in carmel leather
> the Kelly Coffee Table with a COM rug top
> two Don't "Fret" drum chandeliers in Navy
> a Tribeca Console (the name got me there, too) with black fret side detail
> the Agate Saturn Side Table in Chrome
> Celine Settee
> bed bolster in TBH Rampage Emerald

From Dunes & Duchess

> two Hitching Post table lamps in black
> one Single Spindle Chappy Chandy pendant in black
> two Chappy Console side table in Oyster

From Cotton & Quill

in the living room
> a pillow in Liza Hathaway Matthews Purple Orchid
in the master bedroom
> window treatments in the SHL Collection color: Driftwood
> upholstery on a Bernhardt bed in the Terrace Collection Shishi Pattern

From Mirth Studio

> custom doors in the Stately Octagon pattern

Take a closer look at each piece.


While on my hunt to create the perfect space, I came across these other eye catching beauties from my collaborators . . 

Take a look at some of my other favorites from Cotton & Quill and Dunes & Duchess, paired together.  I can just picture this combination on a sun porch or family room.

And hold the phone . . . . my favorite !!

I have known Stacy and Michael of Dunes & Duchess now for a few years and has incorporated their lighting in several jobs, as well as front and center in our showroom window design plan.  Take a look at my favorites.

Want more color - they offer gorgeous lacquer finishes . . .

So wondering why I mentioned  Mirth Studios in this post?  Taylor Burke collaborated with Mirth Studios in the use of their wood tiles on a table top design that is pretty fabulous.  

I found Mirth Studios at the last High Point Market.  Absolutely love their painted wood tiles.  In my "dream loft space"  I would definitely incorporate two sliding doors covered in the Stately Octagon pattern attached to barn track door hardware !!  In case I ever had to move,  I would want to take those babies with me !

Take a look at a few of my favorite patterns available at Mirth Studios.

I am working on a (real) new project and have created this combination of tiles to add to my client's back splash to give her all white kitchen a dose of color pulled from fabrics in the other rooms.


So there you have it . . . my design for a city loft filled with the gorgeous creations of Taylor Burke Home, Cotton & Quill, Dune & Duchess and Mirth Studio !

Check out their sites and I will be happy to help come up with a plan with anything you fall in love with !!


A little bit about Julianne Taylor . . . she has a passion of all things beautiful and unique.   She lived abroad for nearly a decade soaking up and meeting the vendors and market owners learning the rich history behind many design elements.  She operated a home based interior design firm that culminated her of years of travel and cultural experiences.  When returning to South Carolina in 2012 she continued her search of eco-friendly manufacturers in the US to build her line.  A company that is not mass produced but carefully designed and overseen by Taylor and her team.

A little bit about Mary Catherine Folmar . . . founder of Cotton & Quill in 2012 and a true "Southern Belle" as well as world-wide traveler.  Her unique and vibrant fabrics pay homage to her Southern roots with a foreign influence.  Asian inspired, a touch of the tropics and a bit of Europe all with the vibrancy of East Coast beach casual.  Contemporary, classic and punchy.  Mary Catherine is a designer with a passion for the arts & design with a degree in industrial design from the College of Architecture, Design & Construction at Auburn University.

A little bit about Stacy Kunstel of Dunes & Duchess . . . she is a stylist and a writer who appears regularly on the covers of interior design magazines and books with Michael Partenio her fabulous partner in crime and photographer.  They are the Dunes and Duchess of their boho island getaway where they collaborate in creating unique and sought after lighting.  The Yankee in this group of collaborators !

A little bit about Sally Bennett of Mirth Studio . . . she actually started her career in a similar way as myself !  She hand-painted the floors of her well-heeled clients as a decorative painter.  When her back said "no more" she pondered Moroccan tiles, but would they give her the color and patterns she wanted?  Where they just frankly too cold feeling?  She decided wood tiles were much more foot friendly and "baby-friendly" to those little, soft heads.  With nothing like that on the market she created her own.  With months of hard work and digging into the nitty gritty of the wood flooring industry and created a product just as durable as any wood floor, but with her own beautiful designs. With a tongue-and-grove design they are easy to install.  Sally is an artist, interior designer, mom and inventor of Mirth Studio tiles.  She continues to work and live in Charleston, SC.