Install of the Day !

Hey There !

Wondering how we transform a home long distance, ask Lisa Palacios-Ho.  Lisa contacted me not too long ago via Houzz.  She admitted she "cyberstalked" for a while during the construction of her dream home in St. Pete, Fla. which I love !  A very modern, gorgeous place on Snell Island.  We spoke on the phone a bit, but I headed down there to really get the feel of the space and meet the family. Treated to such a lovely three days, I worked on the entire design while I was there so I could explain all the details in person.  Fabulous to work with, she trusted us to create a complete look with all the details.  Last week Maggie, Mekenzie, myself and our moving crew installed the entire space. It went off without a hitch (thanks to Bree who had every item well tagged, accounted for and loaded).

Take a look !

Open concept:  modern, clean - gorgeous.  Lisa had a large sectional and Barcelona chair and that was about it in her Great Room.  She needed help pulling it all together with accessories, additional furniture, art and rugs through the entire house actually.  I started in this space and worked my way through.. such fun.

The very first thing I chose was this amazing Stark Rug.  Wool, silk, and large.  Lucky for me it was already in production in Nepal so the lead time wasn't forever.  I was hoping she'd love it and did !  While I created three different directions as far as colors, I was hoping all along she'd go the neutral route which was my favorite for this space and this type of house.

With the rug decided I chose two new occasional chairs, coffee tables (two in this case) and a small table by those chairs.   I didn't want to clutter this room up too much.

I then went to work on the accessories.  A new custom fixture made by our favorite Josh Utsey, hung not too low to block the TV from the Kitchen.   It's such a work of art.  With two big, open cabinets I wanted the accessories to be large and color cohesive.  Mixed vintage with mid-range and even a few West Elm.  Pillows came last as I wanted them to work with the other accessories.

This little spot under the stairs needed something so I decided to move the Barcelona chair there and add in a rug and side table.  Tucked back there a art piece Keith created of a geode with just enough gold leaf to shimmer in the sun.

The detail in this piece is so amazing.. gold leaf, sand, lava paste, resin, stone dust.

Right by the entry and dipping into the Great Room the builder created a very focal, modern bookcase which I loved.  We dressed it up with accessories and added this piece of art by Kristin Blakeney I picked up at Shain Gallery.

By keeping the pieces in the great room at a minimum, each piece needed to be special.  Check out the detail in the side table !

When working on the design I lined up all the rugs, papers to keep the look going from room to room.

Accessories are so important and often neglected.  Styling them are just as important and can be tricky.  We chose large, color cohesive pieces for this spot between the living and dining area.

Moving into the Dining Room it needed a dose of pattern with it's all white and all windows.  I chose a very simple, yet graphic tone on tone paper to jazz it up a bit.

Just that little touch of paper did the trick as I didn't want to block the windows with curtains.  Lisa had the table and white chairs, we added two end chairs and a rug.

Keith also created this large art piece which we had framed, a subtle color combination yet striking and the perfect size.  It was a last minute decision to bring and I am so glad I did.

The shape of these end chairs soften up the hard lines . . . 

From the Dining Room you round the corner into the kitchen.  She and her builder did a great job on the design and we didn't need to even touch it, but did add these small art pieces by Arthur Brouthers that I picked up at Sozo Gallery here in Charlotte.

Just off the kitchen is a small pool bath.  I am obsessing over this wall paper by Black Crow Studio!!! Had to do it.  They custom printed the pieces to fill this one wall as an accent.  While down in Florida we shopped a bit for a few more accessories and found two additional art pieces for over the potty.  Jux.ta.pose in Hyde Park Village had some really great things to choose from, check them out if you are in the area. 

Also hit Anthropologie and West Elm for a few filler pieces, kept it simple and clean.

I love this paper !!!

At the top of the stairs you hit the Master Bedroom.  With this very modern platform bed in place, I worked on completing the room.

I continued with the blues and whites by adding two non-functional curtain panels (the motorized blinds do their job, these just "pretty up").  This fabric is a work of art in itself and we simply added flat panels hung from the ceiling.

A new small sofa, floor lamp and art piece created with concrete sand dust.

A new dresser mixing the wood with a little reflective antique mirror.

And, my favorite, horn sconces.  How cool are these !

Their cream Eames chair and ottoman needed a little side table and this piece was perfect with it's wood in cased in resin.

Just off the Master and past the stairwell is a landing large enough for a small TV watching family room and desk.

In this space I wanted to add a little more fun, yet keep the pieces artistic and interesting.  I moved their existing master bedroom dresser to the space and kept the killer Womb Chair but mixed in a low, mid-century leather sofa, live edge & metal desk and plenty of art.  The large and long art piece by Addison Wahler was such a great find at Slate Interiors, Keith created a another piece for over the sofa and the family photos mixed in gave it such a personal touch  !

In this space, as well as the kid's rooms, I chose to use Liora Manne rugs.  Made of felt and flat these pieces can go indoor or out and very kid friendly while artistic and interesting !

With all the open windows and overhead can lights, lighting wasn't a big issue so I chose to use this more artistic fixture as an accent.

Three kids, two boys and a daughter.  They had beds and dressers, stuff they needed.  I wanted their rooms modern and to play off the TV Room as far as colors and feel.

This first space, very graphic . . .

New Trina Turk upholstered cornices block the motorized blinds underneath, a punchy desk chair and another Liora Manne rug.  We relocated the bookcase and popped more art on the walls !

In room no. 2 a new bookcase, desk, rug and these fun floating orbs as an accent on the papered bed wall.  I love the huge globe we found at Jux.a.pose !

Keith is working on the coolest series of chemical reactive art.  This piece looks like it will just drip off the wall, but it's totally smooth.. crazy !

A little touch of girly lavender went in Valentina's Room.  Pre-me, Lisa's wall paper installer decided to paper what is now the bookcase wall with a small gold polka dot paper (assuming the bed would go there)... I wanted to move the bed to a more focal wall... the solution, adding more of the polka dot opposite and then adding this gold and white floral on the back wall (so I could move the bed).. there's always a solution !

We brought in navy with the lavender to tie it back a bit to the boys.  Love the vintage pillows and ombre bedding, and of course Stray Dog needed to make a presence !

all photos by Mekenzie Loli

We thoroughly enjoyed this install !!  Working with Lisa, hanging with sweet Rudy, all in sunny Florida.  No big drama, and love the complete outcome.  With the exception of a broken frame on a piece of art - all was good !!!

With Christmas 7 days away ... we are completing three other installs today and then is time for a little nothingness !!!  Re-designing our office is next up... getting ready for 2016!

Happy Friday.