Metal Mix

Hey There !

In Atlanta at the moment, held up at the W in Buckhead.  This head cold has really kicked in so plan on staying inside and catching up on some rest, a little work, and a lot of lap top playing around, all in the quite.  Have a big, big install coming up down in Tampa - St. Pete this weekend and into next week so really need to rest up.

Yesterday,  I met up with the crew from Grizzel & Mann over at ADAC to get a preview of the new Anthology line of fabrics and wall papers.  It was such a delight to have some time to talk with Claire Vallis, the Design Director for Harlequin, whose offerings include  Zoffany, Scion, Sanderson, Morris & Co. and Anthology.  She was over on a bit of a whirl wind trip from the UK showing off this new gorgeous line.   All these brands are typically my go-to for papers and fabrics.  My favorite moment (besides a fabulous dinner at the Gypsy Kitchen) was seeing this video and talking with Claire about a typical day at work with the artists - painting, designing, and just coming up with these beautiful new patterns, textures, and colors.  How they are inspired, the trends, and all the ins and outs of a shoot - the locations and the entire process.  The thought and work involved in creating these lines and introducing them is a huge undertaking and my appreciation for the behind the scenes work has taken on a whole new level of admiration.

Take a look at this inspiring video of the new Anthology Line.

Inspired by metals, dyes, precious stones, and other  metallics, the richness and feel is evident. Complex backgrounds and overlays.  One of my favorites, the double width sheer with an ombre hand painted look.  With the current trend of mixing metals these fabrics and papers have such a presence and I cannot wait to incorporate in a few new designs !

"Cambium" is distressed and organic like with an aged metal vertical stripe.

Spinel is a fluid, marble pattern with touches of silver, gold and copper - love.

And Bulsa has a bark like pattern with high texture.

I would mix the Bulsa with this flowing, drippy, yummy sheer.  Kiyoshi's the name and comes in three colors copper, jade and parchment . . .

. . . and these pleats . . .

I think of the Pre-Fall 2016 Chanel Runway show and this beauty.

Golds, antique bronze, chrome and copper.  This new Anthology line offers just that.  I love copper and incorporated it in my Thanksgiving decor and will soon be popping it in and about for Christmas.  Copper mixed with blacks and whites - is something I am really into at the moment.  I have recently ordered a copper / caramel leather sofa and mixed with the neutral black and white is a strong yet comfortable look I love !

Bring on the coppers !

So there you go with a few highlights from the Anthology line.  Love . . . . and I love that all these new intros compliment other patterns in fabric and paper from previous lines.  Take for example this Zoffany paper which we are installing in Miami in February . . .  This particular paper comes in several color ways.

In Miami we are installing this strong black and gold version in the foyer.

The entire home in Miami will use shades of black and white and this paper (which I also used in my own foyer - stay tuned) has a gorgeous hand painted feel in the line work - Another metallic and black combination.

Not too long ago I installed this stairwell landing nook.  This particular paper is called Oxidise from the earlier Anthology 3 Series.   I love that the entire collection was inspired by a rusty tin box taken apart at their studio.  Printed onto foil it comes in a gorgeous line up of colors.

Similar is Zoffany's Quartz line of papers, they each have a patina look that will no doubt give richness to a space.

All of these patterns, colors and textures are so organic and nature inspired.  Lately I have incorporated artwork in spaces with similar feels and colors

Marble inspired

This piece with gold leaf and volcanic ash . . .

. . . and this piece that Keith did using metals, chemical reaction, burlap and wax !

So go with your designer if you are in Atlanta to ADAC and check out Grizzel & Mann and see all the Harlequin offerings in person.  Afterwards hit Gypsy Kitchen for lunch !

Fun day in Atlanta !