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Morning Shoppers !

Maggie and I were more than on board when Jill and Courtney asked for help with their new address in South Park.  While I will miss them on the block, we were both so happy for them and their entire team to move into such a great location and beautiful spot.  Who know's Jill?  She's my white on white girl.  Having worked on her home, I know her well.  This space is all Jill with a big dose of Courtney.  Having gotten to know Courtney, we soon realized she is all glam.  We think we all found the perfect combination of the two in this space and know it has staying power with it's neutral, clean and sophisticated palette.  The fashion, jewelry and shoes are what it's all about and against the white, white, everything shows beautifully.  Courtney's Chad was all over the demo and construction and found the perfect new floor as well as a carpentry team to create all their new display and mill work.

Such a pretty new spot !  Take a peek.. but more importantly, head over !!

4310 Sharon Road
Suite T01A
Charlotte NC  28211

Maggie did a beautiful job designing a lucite jewelry display and mixing rugs, metals and fabrics.  I was determined to get these three large chandelier in the space !