Spotlight: Beth Naumann


I'm kind of obsessing over these brass mobiles.  Working on all the finishing details of our next big install down in St. Pete, I am pulling together some art, pillows, this and that, to make it just perfect, I found these just the other night on Instagram.  Ordered one immediately.  It's the little original details in each project I love.

Designed and created by Beth Naumann in California, take a look.

As well as the mobiles, jewelry is also available

Meet Beth . . 

I have a background in architectural and product design, which influences my simple, geometric aesthetic.  While in search of a hands-on craft, I began making mobiles in steel and brass, which were quickly scaled down into jewelry as well.  
I have felt right at home working at a smaller scale, playing with gravity and connections, reflection and shadow, pattern, and details.  Bending all of the pieces by hand, I love the tranquil work environment that comes from working with simple hand tools.
I have a studio in Emeryville, California and welcome visitors.