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Yearly Charlotte Urban Home comes out with it's Best of Issue.  I chose to write about just one of the many rooms we did for the Crowder's.  I particularly loved working with Lori this year and thought to wrap it up for 2014 I would show off her beautiful kitchen nook !  It incorporated all the things I love in this one small story.

Why I chose this particular install for the year end issue . . .

Lori and Brian were planning to move, we helped them see that their house could be everything they wanted it to be, now they are staying !  They also had a lot of trust in us, and generally just let us do our thing, and awaited the surprise.

This space has all my favorite elements:

> a piece of Keith's art - original always trumps a copy
> a custom banquette - "support your local business"
> big lighting... I am a sucker for the oversized
> white and sleek kitchen cabinets and counters
> not a lot of fuss
> a custom pedestal table by local artist - "support your local business"
> simple and pretty table setting
> my new love of of the color purple

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