Install of the Day !

Hey There !!

Jackie McFee has to be one of my most enthusiastic clients ever.   Happily, I get a lot of big reactions when I open the door to a transformed space, but her reaction was priceless !  It definitely makes my day, and yesterday was one of those days.  Bree and Maggie headed over early to meet our installer to get it going and when I got there with extra pillows in hand it was done - love to them both.  This master bedroom was literally empty.  She had a bed on a frame.  It was time !  I took my inspiration from her kitchen actually.  Being one of her favorite spaces in the house,  the colors were bright and happy and her husband wasn't afraid of a little floral, so I went with it.

This paper started it all.

Bam . . . wow, what a paper can do.  Love this view of the space.  

We had a new headboard made, new sides, new lamps, new curtains, all new bedding, big fat rug, and added a bench and coffee table to create another sitting area for this long 20' space.  I think the window treatments, subtle as they are, were really what this space needed to soften it all.

It's the details in the room I love.

Norah was even happy, while under foot during the install !

all photos by mekenzie france

Can't say enough about how I love this room and working with Jackie !

Couldn't wait to install for her, so jumped the gun a bit and did so before her chairs got here . . . coming next week.

This one did make my day!  

Come January - Jackie, watch out - that chocolate brown painted den will all be gone and bright and airy will arrive !