Hot off the Press!

Hey There.

Four Magazine, Vol. 5 just came out yesterday !  One of my favorites.  Unfamiliar?  Founders Ciara Bird and Nicole Camack have created another gorgeous volume filled and focused on gorgeous interiors, and amazing artists.  Get your copy !!!

The fifth volume of FOUR was bred out of organic demand from readers and creators across the globe. It manifests itself in the anthropology of an artist’s essence, the serendipitous souls that precede what we spawn from our creative wombs and who we have become, over everything we were groomed to be. This volume explores the transcendence of a people pleasantly plagued with riptides of passionate creativity bursting through proverbial seams of status quo, in grand panache. DETAILS: 120 pages, offset-printed, perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper. Cover artwork by Marsha Robinson