Calm and Peaceful !

Hi There . . .

Merry Christmas Eve !!!  I am over the moon that I have all the presents done, and the table is set for tomorrow.  My sweet husband is doing all the cooking too.. he loves it.  So today, I am just playing with the kids and dogs, Candlelight at 6 and neighborhood party afterwards.  Love this time of year. We've wrapped up all the big jobs just in time for the holiday, our vendors and subs have shut it down - and we are taking a break as well.  Need to re-juice for 2015 !!  

One of the new projects I have in the works for January 2015 is a master bedroom for one of my favorites, Traci Shanks. Last year I was all over her first floor (see here) giving it an entirely new look and vibe. I am fired up to start her Master Bedroom in the New Year.

This morning, while all quite - I pulled up the boards I started, added a few little details and emailed Traci in the hopes she loves as much as I do. . . Why doing this post on Christmas Eve? . . . my gift to Traci - to give her something to get excited about !!  Need a distraction and an idea or two for your master? . .  let me walk you though this one.

This space has a sitting room just off of it, so having that space (with possibly a TV) creates a nice quite retreat (or simple office space).  The master bath is large and has recently been redone in whites and greys.  My goal in this room was to create a peaceful space with just a small dose of color.  

Having one large window with a tall curve over, I chose to raise the curtains to the ceiling with functional, blackout lined panels.  On the sides, where the walls slope down - make permanent side panels, attached at an angle.  She can draw these center panels completely.  The walls are a pale grey and on the sloped portion of the walls and ceiling, I am proposing horizontal wood planking in a slightly darker color.  New wall to wall graphic carpet and a new, more modern ceiling fan.  The look is clean, calm and resort like - peaceful I think.

This bed, I love.  Fully upholstered in a vertical waffle style with small antique gold nail head along the edge.  New side tables in white with grey washed sides and top.  Love the mid-century style knobs.  Amazing lamps in lucite, nice and tall.  Simple, soft grey bedding and one bolster for a pop of color.  I have used the teals and blues downstairs, so there is a nice tie back.  If Traci wants another color as a pop... simple to switch to another color way !

Opposite the bed, a new storage piece as oppose to the tall armoire she has.  This lower piece is in our pop color, navy and has plenty of folding storage (pants, sweaters and the like).  I love that it's a painted grasscloth as well.  Texture is good !  I would like to see a piece of art over it and these two wall sconces for some really pretty lighting on that side of the room, gorgeous !

I do have a dresser on the left side of the bed, off white with the same nail head detail as the bed.  A big oversize mirror in a funky shape.

This is the nook off the master, a decent size space, perfect for hiding out.  Can't decide if I want the walls a dark navy lacquer of a dark grey.  I'll let Traci pick, but either will work with all these shades of white !  

I like the idea of the same curtains in both spaces  Two comfortable classic chairs with a floor lamp and side table.  My fun piece.  This pagoda style bookcase in white.  Love, we'll see if she does !

Take a closer look at the pagoda bookcase, side table and chairs.

I love my two fabrics. . . 

Merry Christmas Ms. Traci . . . let me know what you think !!