Opposites Attract !

Hey There . . 

For any of your reading this you must think I am a TV junkie, based on my last few posts.  Well, I am.  I have to have it on all the time, there's something about the back ground noise.  Go figure?  This past weekend I did absolutely nothing but mess around with the kids, finished shopping and wrapping, binge watched Revenge, anxiously awaiting to see what 20-something would be working with DVF and the Winter Finale of Homeland (which I know I will  have huge withdrawals now that it's over).  Another Sunday afternoon thing that happens around here is the Food Network.  Keith is particularly obsessed with it.    He is also obsessed with bacon . . and very picky about how (only he) cooks it.   We all decided bacon would be good on anything.  While simultaneously making out a food shopping list for this week we decided to make Chocolate Cupcakes infused with bacon cream cheese and topped with a little more of those crunchy, salty pieces of heaven.  There's something about sweet and salty.  Opposites do attract and odd combinations often are the best .. in design !

Now Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese comes with bits of bacon . . . where have I been?!  Not shopping I guess.  I had no idea, but am most excited !!!  I got a little carried away and started thinking of all my favorites incorporating my new found dairy product !!!

"PBCC" a.k.a. Philadelphia Bacon Cream Cheese ! 

All these are pretty easy, no brainers - however; I am not the best baker and always have to use a recipe.  Here's F and P both of which I substitute the plain cream cheese with bacon flavor !