Install of the Day !

Hi !

Like I mentioned.. Maggie's been busy.  Not only did she load a headboard in her Jeep and drive it up to one of her biggest client's in Richmond, Virginia last week (#gettingitdone), she finished off and with Mekenzie, shot a couple of her latest projects.  I'll let her take over here...

We all know I love a neutral color pallet.. especially black and white. After getting to know this client
pretty well through the design process on the first floor, I knew I wanted the color scheme to stay neutral upstairs as well.. while bringing in some fun whimsical prints.

Starting off in the master, I used a dark graphic wallpaper to really anchor the room. This master bedroom is a bit long and narrow, it needed something to break up all of the grey walls and create a focal point. Mixing in some darker accents with the dip dyed curtains and the black bedside tables also helped ground this space, it defiantly needed some weight and depth. Mixing in some cream tones helped bring in warmth to the bedroom. When using a black and white, it can sometimes come across cold. Make sure you throw in some texture and warmer tones throughout the space to cut through the sharp contrast.

Check it out..

We then moved onto the nursery, I loved creating this space. They are expecting twins (any day now) a girl and a boy, so keeping this room neutral was a must. We both loved the whimsical bird wallpaper, mixed with the graphic rug which gave it a little punch. The vibe in here is calming and soothing (with a little boho ) which was exactly what we were going for.. 

Room for two !

Love the tied back to the first phase of our project together . . .

From design boards to real life, love seeing them side by side! 

photos by Mekenzie Loli