Spotlight: Timorous Beasties

Hi !

I briefly mentioned the gorgeous tiles Timorous Beasties creates for Cle Tile in an earlier post (here).  It has me thinking about a big, big install coming up in Philly in 2 weeks for a client who is obsessed with color....  I'm afraid if I show her these at the last minute, she'll want . . . Their project, over a year in the making is in high gear, flights booked, hotel booked and beginning to load the truck.   Stay tuned on my Instagram feed (here) for all the deets and peaks !

There are those who love, love color and fun patterns !  These prints are right up that alley and simply gorgeous.  Available in wall paper and fabric.  Take a peak !!

A little about this line . . . all available at Lucy and Company !

Timorous Beasties’ work embodies a unique diversity of pattern, ranging from design that echoes a golden age of copperplate engraving (a time-honored classic is the Thistle range; or Merian Palm super wide wallpaper) to example of a distinctly edgy nature, an elegant transgression, a display of chic irreverence. Yet, the studio fully engages a design discourse with textiles history by lending an aesthetic evolution to time-honored motifs.
In 2004 Timorous Beasties unveiled their critically acclaimed Glasgow Toile: by reversing the pastoral context of toiles de Jouy, they transformed the traditional toile device to create an exclusively modern urban genre. The Hotch Blotch fabric series challenges a 1000-year old aesthetic mode by placing disorder within the structure of damask pattern to reveal the inherent beauty of splatters, drips and blotches. Hunting Toile and Urban wallpapers mark a synthesis of 18th-century chinoiserie groupings, Rococo swirls, and Victorian silhouette paper cuts to create a uniquely contemporary ornamental textiles pattern repeat.
The art critic John Ruskin related a universal connection between nature, art and society. Timorous Beasties share a similar world view, where plants, animals and society are visually inextricable. They are devoted to how that impacts as pattern design in our daily experience of furnished spaces, from one-bedroom flats to country villas, to the halls of civic and government buildings, departure lounge backdrops, boutique enclaves, restaurants, and hotels.