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I got to thinking about how I started when I was writing about Young House Love  in my earlier post.  Back in 1999 my main focus was kid's rooms and nurseries.  I was really lucky to have been "discovered" so to speak, by Better Homes and Garden's Kids' Rooms magazine.  They kindly published several rooms we designed in several different issues.   Take a look at the first magazine I was ever in back in 2004 - Lucy was only 4 and how cute was she !!

Kid's room and nurseries are the funnest, and while teen girls often give me a visit for help, I am installing several boy's spaces over the next month or so (and who's to say boys don't care about their space, I am here to say they do . . . Asher Eskind !)

Why the trip down memory lane?  Why the post on kid's spaces?  Because kid's are fun and recently at the Lucy and Company Studio, we had a guest  . . .  Michelle Tunno Buelow - creator of Bella Tunno, a baby and children's "necessories" line.  Her team photographed their new 2014 Catalog in our showroom.  Their long time photographer Leslie Hancock and our Mekenzie collaborated to capture inspiring, strong and print worthy looks to showcase their eye-catching designs and colors.

photo by mekenzie france

I so enjoyed meeting Michelle and her team.   Her product line and it's use of color and pattern has always appealed to me.  Bella Tunno is a brand with the perfect combination of sophistication and whimsy.  From their site . . . "We take the necessary child and baby accessories, drench them in function, and dress them in fashion . . " I couldn't have said it better !

Take a glimpse into Michelle's look . . .

I jumped on their instagram pages and grabbed a few images.  They are truly inspired by color and pattern and in their new catalog it's all about saturated color.

They have a fan following that includes many celebrities.  I love that their line was included in Oscar and Golden Globe gift baskets.  Their fans include Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani, Robert Downey Jr, Adam Sandler and Courtney Cox to name a few.  The buzz is also out nationally - Congrats !  Michelle and her daughter Riley were on Good Morning America and The Today Show recently. They were proud to share "A New Perspective For Moms." As a full time working mom with a very all consuming (24-7) business, this short video reminded me not to be too hard on myself and know in ways I am not even aware of, I am teaching my girls the value of hard work and following your dreams.

But what I love the most is that Bella Tunno proudly supports drug and alcohol-related education, prevention and rehabilitation programs.  They help single mothers and children through charitable efforts and their philanthropic works support the Matt Tunno Make a Difference Fund by donating a portion of every sale.  A few of the projects the funds have supported are . . .

Let's Make a Miracle Campaign
Charlotte Rescue Mission Dove's Nest Room Sponsorship
Lift up Ellie Fund
Samaritan's Feet
Posh with Purpose
Bella Tunno Believes Safe Journey Scholarship

Michelle, her husband Todd and their two daughters Kiley and Ella live in Charlotte and were introduced to me by longtime friend and client Jody Pannell. 

photo by Leslie Hancock

Can't wait to see the images they captured for their new catalog.  It was a baby filled morning at the studio!  Stay tuned, I'll give you a preview of their catalog and jump on their site for the perfect baby gift this holiday !

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